Upcoming Projects

FilmBlades is currently developing two feature film projects:

"BEYOND THE CYPRESS TREES", directed by Longinos Panagi, tells the interweaving stories of a boy and a girl, which bring forth the ill-fated saga of the island of Cyprus, marked by the loss of innocence. Shooting is scheduled for March 2016.

"WHERE THE RIVER MEETS THE SEA", directed by Alexia Roider and written by Christina Georgiou tells the story of Sophie, a career-driven mother whose life turns upside down when her son begins experiencing what turns out to be past life memories. The project has received funding from the Cyprus Cinema Advisory Committee and is currently in development and search for co-producers.

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About FilmBlades
Filmblades is a film production company based in Cyprus specialized in providing Filming Solutions services for Feature Films ,Short Films, Commercials, Documentaries, Events, Corporate Videos and tv shows. Having been active in the filming industry since 1992 and until now we have accomplished successfully all projects that we have been assigned. Our team is effective, productive and creative, and always delivers with the outmost of professionalism by all means and under any circumstances. We are committed in any project we are assigned and we make sure that we provide what we have promised. After all Filmblades, is exactly what the words imply: A combination of sharp and objective decisions for the benefit of our clients.
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