About Us

Filmblades is a film production company based in Cyprus, specializing in Producing Films and providing services as Delegate Producer, Executive Producer and Production Manager for Feature Films, Short Films, Commercials and Documentaries. Filmblades founders, George Panztis and Monica Nicolaidou, have been active professionals in the film and television industry since 1992. Their long history of independent filmmaking brings creativity, resourcefulness and efficiency in every project they undertake.

Filmblades has been awarded many local and European funds, for the development of scripts and the production of various films. It has also received numerous awards in international film festivals where their films have been screened. The talented, diverse and dynamic team behind Filmblades always delivers ground-breaking work with the outmost professionalism and under any circumstances. Their commitment to using the latest technology, meeting strict deadlines and having strong vision for their high quality films, makes Filmblades stand out as a leading Film Production Company in Cyprus and the Mediterranean Region.

After all Filmblades, is exactly what the words imply: a combination of sharp and objective decisions, in the service of filmmaking.