To Tama - Word of Honour
(Feature, 2001)

Evagoras has five daughters, bus he wants a son, so he makes a vow to Saint Andreas, if he will have a son he will walk all the way to the saint's monastery on foot. When the son arrives Evagoras must to go to the monastery, but the way is full up to traps and it is a long way. Directed by Andreas Pantzis.

Written and Directed by: Andreas Pantzis
Produced by: P.A Stephania Film Productions
Producer: Andreas Pantzis
Co-producers: Andrey Karanikolov,
Co-Production: Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture(Cinema Advisory Committee), ERT, Eurimages Council of Europe, Greek Film Center, Bulgarian National Film Center, Kourion Films
Production Manager: George Pantzis
Cinematography: Nikolay Stefanov Lazarov
Edited by: Phani Ziozia
Art Director: Stefanos Athienitis
Sound: Svetlosar Georgiev
Assistant Director: Alexia Roider
Music by: Vasos Argyridis

Georges Corraface, Valeria Golino, Giannis Voglis.