The Road to Ithaca
(Feature, 1999)

The loss of loved ones and the tragic present become entangled with memories of the past. Hope and the struggle for survival alternate with despair and hopelessness. In the turmoil of the war and occupation, a young Turkish girl, Yasmin, refuses to stop searching for her great love, the Greek-Cypriot Telemachos, who has been taken prisoner by the Turkish occupying forces. Directed by Kostas Dimitriou.

Directed by: Kostas Demetriou
Written by: Kostas Demetriou, Adonis Florides, Theodoros Nikolaidis, Jonathan Rumboid
Co-Production: Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture (Cinema Advisory Committee), Greek Film Center, Lumiere Services, Sigma TV, Sklavis Studio, Evko Vision Orpheus Movie Makers, 41T Mario Krastev, Underground Film & TV Productions, Vangelis Serdaris Film & TV Productions
Production Manager: George Pantzis
Cinematography: Nikolay Stefanov Lazarov
Edited by: Phani Ziozia
Art Director: Stefanos Athienitis
Sound: Aleksandar Simeonov
Music by: Kostas Kakogiannis

Berna Raif, Frances Ruffelle, Kate O’ Mara, Alexis Conran, Tony Dimitriou, Jimmy Roussounis