(Short, 2009)

Inessa will lock herself in the toilet so she can say goodnight to her little daughter in Russia, a few minutes later her ordeal will begin. If she is lucky, she will not be raped or beaten up. If she even luckier, she might be saved. Directed by Yianna Americanou.

Directed by: Yianna Americanou
Written by: Yianna Americanou
Produced by: LOLA FILMS
Co-production: Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture (Cinema Advisory Committee), Greek Film Centre, See Cinema Network, Tetraktys – Stavros Papageorgiou
Production Manager: George Pantzis
Cinematography: Constantinos Othonos
Composer: Mikael Delta
Editing: Dinos Vamvakousi

Xenia Kaplan, Christopher Greco, Fan Fan Sun, Christos Grigoriades, Fotis Giorgides