Conveyor Belt
(Feature, 2015)

Conveyor Belt is a film about loneliness and identity. It’s about searching for solace in other people’s forgotten and unclaimed baggage. It’s about perceptiveness and observation and about the ability to recreate the identity of a person by putting together small bits and pieces, just like a puzzle. Written and directed by Alexia Roider.

Directed by: Alexia Roider
Screenplay: Alexia Roider
Produced by Filmblades
Co-Producers: Zedem Media, Media Studios, Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus (Independent Productions)
Cinematography: Nenad Todorovic
Production Managers: Monica Nicolaidou & George Pantzis
Production Designer: Sosee Eskidjian
Editor: Michael Kalopedis
Sound Design: Christina Georgiou
Sound Recording: Giorgos Potamitis
Sound Mixing: Costas Fylaktides TONE STUDIO
Music by:MARIANNE’S WISH, Christina Georgiou, George Solonos, Pavlos Gregoras and Christos Pechlivanis

Marios Ioannou & Casca The Turtle